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Model arrested on suspicion of gun-running after taking TOPLESS PHOTOS with assault rifle & pistol

A teenage Instagram model has found herself behind bars in Brazil after police discovered incriminating photos of her posing and dancing with a range of deadly firearms.

19-year-old Gabriela Sara Vasconcelos Assunção was arrested on suspicion of arms trafficking on Saturday, after officers came across saucy images showing the teen kissing a pistol and, posing topless, brandishing an assault rifle.

© Gaby Assunção/ Instagram

Assunção was first arrested alongside her boyfriend in October when a cache of guns was discovered in the car they were travelling in, in the city of Bebedouro in Sao Paulo state. 

The police found 10 nine-mm caliber pistols, a 223 caliber rifle and 484 nine-mm caliber bullets. The teen denied knowing about the guns at the time and was released following a custody hearing.

However hard-working investigators trawled through her photos and found numerous images and videos of her and her boyfriend Thiago Vieira da Silva (24) with the guns.

© Civil Police

In one of the photos she appeared to be kissing a pistol while her finger rested on the trigger, while she was also found on video performing sexualized dances with other weapons.

The teenager was at a beauty salon getting ready to go to her sister’s wedding when she was rearrested on Saturday, according to Brazilian news site Metropoles. She has now been ordered to remain in custody.

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